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A scientific world

We went to visit the Pavilion of Knowledge – Live Science Center, a true scientific and technological educational space, thus awakening our curiosity and creativity in the fascinating world of science.

The Pavilion of Knowledge is located in the beautiful Parque das Nações (Park of Nations), about eight kilometers from the historic center of Lisbon in Portugal.

Map Knowledge Pavilion Park of Nations PortugalLocation map of the Pavilion of Knowledge

The Pavilion of Knowledge was in 1998 a space that hosted one of the great events of the International Exhibition of Lisbon (Expo 98) under the theme of the Oceans. At that time was called Pavilion of Sea Knowledge related to the history of exploring the seas, being one of the pavilions with the greatest number of visitors during the exhibition.

After the International Exhibition in Lisbon, the same space in 1999 becomes what is currently the Pavilion of Knowledge promoting scientific knowledge in a fun way. It also should be noted that the building has an outsanding architecture, so it has won several national and international awards.

Park of Nations LisbonOn the way to the Pavilion of Knowledge accompanied by a “little cold”  Pavilion of Knowledge Parque of Nations Lisbon The exterior area of the Pavilion of Knowledge. Behind the fullerene a carbon molecule in a soccer ball shape

As for the entrance to the Pavilion of Knowledge, it provides an engaging space for observations and attractions.

Water Vortex Pavilion of KnowledgeInside the buidling the Water Vortex device. Through the manual wheel it is possible to calibrate the spiral effect of the vortex. Water Vortex Pavilion of KnowledgeThe spiral movement of the Water Vortex
Giant Table  pavilion of Knowledge Parque das NaçõesA long the corridor the Giant Table elucidating the perception of scale anamorphosis Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsIn the illusion corridor the manifestation of oblique anamorphosis, a phenomenon of projection of distorced images. It is possible to observe the image of the distorced cube
Robot Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsIn the Atrium 1, the robot welcoming us to the Pavilion of Knowledge Lazer Harp Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsLazer Harp. Laser beams replace the strings. When playing on this, the notes reproduce the various sounds of the harp
Nave Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsGeneral view of the nave with some challenging devices for rack brains Women in Sciences pavilion of Knowledge LisbonA picture of one of the women scientists in Portugal

As we continue our visit, we enter the Explore exhibition room. It is an extremely interactive site where we had the opportunity to experiment and observe the results in a fun way.

Explore Pavilion of knowledge Parque das NaçõesOn the way to Explore Room Fluvial storm Knowledge pavilion Parque das NaçõesFluvial storm. When rotating the sphere at different speeds, the sand grains settle to the bottom of the water thus, observing a series of dunes. It is a similar process as the wind creates sand dunes on the beach.

Plasma Sphere Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsPlasma Sphere. The effect is electrifying when touching your fingers on the sphere.

Columns of Angels Pavilion of Knowledge LisbonColumns of Angels observing the effect of illusions of background figures. First the images are seen as columns and then are seen as silhouettes (shade)

 Tornado pavilion of knowledge Park of NationsTornado simulation device Tornado Pavilion of Knowledge PortugalUpward rotating air current from a tornado
Magic Wand Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsMagic Wand. Following the instructions of the newest instructor. Through the agitation of the wand it is possible through light reflection to obatin the image in space Chaotic Pendulum Pavilion of knowledge Park of NationsChaotic Pendulum related to the motion after small variations in its axis. A typical example is on climate change. Small changes in atmospheric pressure or wind can cause major changes in the climate. A sunny day can turn into a rainy day
Pool tables Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsPool tables with different geometric shapes. In this case the table is hyperbolic. Then the geometric reflection is used to insert the ball into the hole which in this case seems to have been straightforward without using the table walls! Pins Screen pavilion of knowledge Pins Screen. In an attempt to raise the nails (it doesn’t hurt!) to reproduce the rainbow by the pheonomenon of light reflection
Turbulent Sphere pavilion of knowledge Park of NationsTurbulent Sphere. When spinning the sphere with fluids it produces flow patterns. One of them is the so-called turbulent flow, a phenomenon that manifests itself in Jupiter due to its high speed of rotation Lariat chain Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsLariat chain device. The visitor is invited to touch the current that is oscillating and then observing its effect of wave interference
Touch in Spring Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsTouch in Spring. But is the spring physically present or not? A puzzle to discover sound wavesKnowledge of NationsPark of NationsSound wave device. I seem to be hearing different sounds if I change their frequencies. I can also read their frequencies through a digital reader

For those who like adventures riding a flying bicycle is no doubt a good time of relaxation.

Flying bicycle Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsIn the central nave, the magic of riding a flying bicycle six meters from the ground flying bicycle Knowledge of Pavilion Park of NationsHalfway through the flying bicycle

The Tcharan showroom is the fun room for the little ones and for those who are entertaining!

Tcharan Pavilion og Knowledge Park of NationsView to the entrance of Tcharan

Tcharan Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsGeneral view of Tcharan leisure space

Animal and flowers Pavilion of knowledge park of nations

To the sound of music challenging those who best reproduce images of animals and flowers

Saltos notas de música Pavilhão do Conhecimento Parque das NaçõesJumping and producing musical notes
rotation motion Pavilion of knowledge Park of Nations Testing balance in rotating motion  Hercules Puppet  Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsThe Hercules Puppet (clown) working as a pulley system – who goes up or down
Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsCompeting by shacking the seats to the sound of music. From left to the right it looks like someone is going ahead as shown by the light blue waves Air cannon pavilion of knowledgePark of NationsAir Cannon to move the crystals up
Heated air Pavilion of knowledge Park of NationsDevice that allows to heat the air in the balloon and make it rise. The heated air becomes less dense and lighter Climbing pavilion of Knowledge Park of Nations A little climbing exercise to finish off in the Tcharan room

On the lower floor of the nave there is a giant pendulum of 250 kilograms with a wire of 35 meters long. It is the Foucault’s Pendulum illustrating the earth rotation.

The temporary Viral exhibition room is also in the lower floor with themes related to the bacteria and viruses in particular how they can be transmitted and what to do for protecting ourselves. It has twenty interactive modules.

Pendulum of Foucault The Foucault’s Pendulum - is it the pendulum or the Earth rotating? It gives the feeling that it’s the pendulum but in fact it’s the Earth as shown by the overturning of the pins arranged circularly and thus demonstrating the Earth’s rotation. In fact the pendulum always oscillates in the same direction relative to the stars Coronavirus Pavilhão do Conhecimento Parque das NaçõesHere’s the million-dollar question – “how are we going to live with the coronaviruses”? Two hundred personalities responded to this challenge. We will know the answer in 2030!

Showroom Viral Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsGeneral view of some interactive modules in the Viral showroom.

Virus SARS-Cov2 Pavilion of Knowledge Representation of the SARS-Cov2 virus (micrometer-scale) Weigh bacteria and viruses Pavilion of KnowledgeWhat is the weight of bacteria and viruses in our body? Don’t worry because we have “good” bacteria and viruses in our body.
contagion of viruses game Pavilion of KnowledgeInteractive game of possible ways of contagion of viruses Exhibition Doing Pavilion of KnowledgeEntrance to the Doing showroom

Last but not least on the ground floor is the Doing showroom where there are a series of practical activities related to technology.

Doing Pavilion of Knowledge Park of NationsGeneral view of Doing showroom robots Pavilion of knowledge Park of NationsInteractive space using robots
flying pavilion of knowledge Park of NationsThe challenge of putting objects flying through the tube
Park of Nations Saying good-bye to the Pavilion of knowledge at Park of Nations

After the fun visit to the Pavilion of Knowledge in order to restore some energy we went lunch to The Parq restaurant with a pleasant outdoor. The chosen dish was wolowina black angus.

Restaurant THE PARQOutdoors of the restaurant The Parq

Wolowina black angus THE PARQWolowina black angus.

In addition to being fun, our visit to the Pavilion of Knowledge was very educational with several scientific and technological topics. Also quite interesting is the temporary Viral exhibition with a current topic (coronavirus) that has changed our lives as well as its important knowledge about it.

We hope that our readers and travel lovers will one day visit the Pavilion of Knowledge at Park of Nations which we liked very much.

References Pavilion of Knowledge

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