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Tour Alentejo / Evora (135km from Lisbon)

Price: 300,00 € (Max. 6persons) (8-9h)

This tour includes:

This tour includes:

  • Historical Évora city
  • Roman Temple
  • The medieval Sé Cathedral
  • Chapel of Bones
  • Square of Giraldo
  • Cromlech of Almendres
  • Arraiolos village

Further south of Lisbon you will be discovering the region of Alentejo. On the way to Alentejo you will notice the presence of large fields of cork oaks and olive trees. No less gorgeous, is the outstanding relief of the landscape either flat or hilly, an infinity of land.

Before reaching Evora, the Alentejo capital, a stop in the village of Arraiolos is almost mandatory.There, you will be visiting the traditional shops and factories of the famous rags of Arraiolos dating back since the XVII century.The rags are part of the traditional hand embroidered Portuguese tapestry illustrating its cheerful colors.

Continuing on the road towards Évora once there, a feeling of living back on time is marked by the ruins of a Roman Temple, medieval Churches, Chapel of Bones and protecting walls, a revolutionary history conquered square and the cobbled streets following the white typical Alentejo homes.

Last but not least, you will be visiting the superb megalithic complex of Cromlech of Almendres dating back about 2000 years before the Stonehenge in England.

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