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Tour Mora / Pavia / Avis (120kms from Lisbon)

Price: 310,00 € (Max. 6persons) (8-9h)

This tour includes:

  • Mora village
  • Cromlech of Montes of Fontainhas
  • Visit to Maranhão dam
  • Fluvial beach of Avis
  • Historical city of Avis
  • Montargil dam

Travelling to south of Lisbon to the interior of Alentejo, you will find the peace and tranquillity you deserve, in particular with nature. During the travelling, you will be seeing a stunning landscape covered with cork oaks, olive trees, rice fields and rivers.

The Fluviário (aquarium), in the Mora village, is one of the suggested visit points where you will be delighting with some fish species, amphibious, reptiles and otters. On the way to Pavia village you will be visiting one of the archaeological monuments that is, the megalithic complex of the cromlech of Monte of Fontainhas.

Once in Pavia village, you can visit the beautiful church of Matriz from XVI century in shape of a fortress as well as visiting the unique Anta-Chapel of São Diniz, a site from the megalithic times converted to Christianity. The beauty of landscape is endless aiming to the Maranhão dam, where you can enjoy taking pictures of the river and the huge rocks surrounding this fantastic scenario.

Avis is one of the stops with a paradise fluvial beach opened in summer. It is worth as well visiting the historical medieval city of Avis, with its castle and sightseeing view from the top of the hill ended up to a view of the river.

On the way to Lisbon, the route offers a fantastic view to the river Sôr in the direction of the Montargil dam.

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