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Vineyard at Mafra/Ericeira (30km from Lisbon)

Price: 230,00 € (Max. 6persons) (8-9h) add 55€/pax for wine tastings

This tour includes:

  • Visiting a vineyard farm
  • Monastery (Convent) of Mafra
  • Ericeira (Beaches)

Considering visiting a vineyard about thirty kilometres North of Lisbon is a scape to a unique relaxed and fascinating experience, following the spectacular visit of Mafra Palace and at the beautiful surfer beaches of Ericeira.

The wine tour in a relaxed and the beauty’s farm, its background rolling vineyards, lush gardens and green lawns with a baroque chapel and a manor house catching a breeze from the Atlantic ocean, provides an authentic and exclusive atmosphere for you.

The farm is a small family run vineyard. The natinal variety thrive aimed some carefully chosen international grapes. Touriga National, Aragonez, Merlot,Pinot Noir ripen well in the Estremadura climate resulting in deliciously concentrated and complex reds.

The white wines variety are Fernão Pires, Alvarinho, Verdelho, Sauvignon Blank and Riesling with great texture and lengthy finish.

There is also an opportunity for visiting the magnificent Mafra Palace, marked by the baroque style with its superb basilica, containing a set of distinct bells. The library is other historic point of reference of about 36000 volumes from c. XVIII.

The tour couldn’t end better at Ericeira, one of the elected well known worldwide surfing and fishing tradition village. Along the line cost stands out beautiful sandy beaches with its pleasant sounding waves and cliffs making Ericeira a top destination for you.

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